Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Now available for pre-order! :)

Bake Me A Match is officially available for pre-order on Kindle!!

It will release June 15th to Kindle and Nook (Kobo friends - still working on getting that platform added!). I can't wait for you guys to read more about Annie, Zach, Laurie and the gang!!

SO excited!!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

All caught up!!

We are almost all caught up!! :) For the first time since what...last March??! ;) Ha! This new little person in my house has been the cause of lots of chaos, lots of noise and lots of love. Too much snuggling and chasing and diaper changing over the last year to still keep the blog up to date!

 We were heading to church last Sunday and I looked back and saw this - oh my heart!! I just melted into a little puddle on the front seat.

After church we went to run some errands for yard work and saw him like this when we opened the door. These are kind of my thoughts on Lowe's sprinkler aisle as well. ;)

Parker has one of those little puppies that you drag along by the leash to walk it, but this is how he always walks it. It's hilarious.

Piyo with a baby... yeah... this is why I usually work out before they get up in the morning. Downward dog is equal to a fort in my kids' eyes...

I got to have a much needed girls' night!!! Oh how I love these wonderful women!! :) We went to see a late showing of Cinderella - I cannot recommend it enough!! It was beautifully done!

On Thursday and Friday, I sold copies of some of my books at a conference in town with my friend and fellow author Alicia Willis, who was selling her books as well! And...we both sold out!! God was very good and it was so much fun. :) Thanks to Alicia for being so sweet and talking with me for two days straight and especially thanks to Gammy (and Pops!) for taking such good care of my boys while I was gone. :)

Saturday we woke up to this little love running a fever and I fit his doctor appointment in between soccer and baseball games. We found out we have another ear infection on our hands. :( Sweet baby. He's been pretty miserable the last few days. We've been medicating with antibiotics, lots of liquids and lots of snuggles.

Nathan did so good at his second baseball game!! He even spared a wave for his mama at this one, so I'm assuming he felt a little more at ease. ;)

Great job batting!!

We absolutely loved having Gammy and Pops at the game!! And to add the icing to the cake, they came over for dinner last night. My boys pretty much thought they were in heaven. ;)

In final (and fun!!) news, it looks like Bake Me A Match is going to release on June 15th!! SO exciting!! I should have pre-order info by tomorrow!!

Whew!! BUSY week!! How was your week? I cannot believe we are almost through April!

Have a great night!

P.S. I am officially all caught up!! Oh my goodness!! YAY!

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The big day

For a few weeks before this, anytime someone would mention the words "April 11th", Jon and I would immediately start twitching. Everything - and I mean everything - was scheduled for April 11th. Soccer pictures and a soccer game. Baseball pictures and Nathan's first baseball game. Our friend Julia's birthday party. A Bible study for me. And about four other things that we just had to say no to because we just couldn't fit them in!

First up was soccer - someone got his very first trophy and he was SO THRILLED. Can you tell? ;)

The proud Coach Dad and his son. :)

Then we drove as fast as we could over to the baseball fields because it was time for pictures. So he switched uniforms super fast in the car and we ran in. When did he turn twelve??

Again, Coach Dad and his son. ;)

Nathan was SO cute during the game. All the other kids were waving at their parents, smiling at them when they went up to bat, but Nathan was all business. He was so focused. It was hilarious. ;)

First at bat!! He did SO good!! I love how much he is concentrating. ;)

Running the bases and he, of course, had to slide into home. So fun!! We are using even more of the power of OxyClean at my house now. ;)

Uncle Bryant and the Park Bench, as Jon calls him. ;) I'm pretty sure Bryant was just getting excited for this day about five years into the future for my little nephew. And Parker...guys, this kid is a mess.

An adorable, goofy, incredibly loud mess.

See what I mean? ;) I just adore every centimeter of that little love.

Nathan made a great stop with a grounder and threw it to first and after we were all done cheering, I looked over and happened to catch this:

SO CUTE. Ah!! It totally made the entire game. Ha! That little T-ball player is just my favorite in the whole world right now.

Post-game grins before our victory lunch at Chick-fil-a... what a wonderful day!!

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The stuff in between

This transition to spring has left most of my family in sick in some way, shape or form lately. Ugh. We are currently battling Ear Infection #2 with Parker - poor baby. I'm going to try and post a few updates today since I am SO far behind!! Every time I sit down recently, I've been working on a deadline.

Here's what happened the week after Easter! :)

Love how these two love each other. They play all day long and are pretty much inseparable. When they aren't together, all I hear about is the other one, whether it's Nathan wondering how Parker is sleeping or Parker yelling "NENNON!!" Ha! Love that.

I walked in Nathan's room to tell him rest time was over and found him like this. :( Usually a good sign that he is sick and I think he ended up having some sort of weird virus. Poor guy.

This little guy loves the laundry basket. He pulled this over his head all by himself. He's such a goose. And he is LOUD. Holy smokes. I kind of had assumed that Parker would be my laid back child but he's giving Nathan a run for his money. He yells and baby talks and just makes noise all. day. long. And he's ever the entertainer - at least at home, just like his brother. He's a little more reserved out in public. It makes for a very fun, very crazy, very exhausting life right now. ;)

Parker is also walking about 95% of the time now and getting faster and faster. And he's now tall enough to pull things off the table and counters. Life has changed quite a bit over here because of those things! ;) I don't sit too often.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

We had so much fun this Easter! Last year, we spent Easter still recuperating from the c-section, getting very little sleep with our newborn and we had just married off one of my brothers. This year, we had a VERY busy one year old, a VERY busy four year old, a very early morning at the sunrise service, joyful tears as we worshiped Jesus together and lots of eggs to hide and find. :)

The sunrise service!! It started off freezing cold but as soon as the sun came up, it was one of the warmest sunrise services we have had in years!

Next we brought our stuff over to Gammy and Pops' house and gave the boys their Easter baskets there. So fun - Jon and I had bought Nathan a "secret agent" watch weeks and weeks ago and he's hardly taken it off since. ;) And Parker was totally down with all these fun presents you get to just pull out of a basket.

Ready to go hunt for Easter eggs!! ;) This year I filled them all with chocolate - the good kind, since most of the time, Jon and I end up snacking on the stash just as much as the boys. Ha! ;)

It did not take long for this little one to get the hang of picking up the eggs and putting him in his basket. So cute.

Nathan is at such a fun age for Easter egg hunts!! He was on a mission. Jon and I hid those eggs in some pretty tough spots and he found most of them by himself.

Checking out the loot. ;)

Love my little family so much!! So thankful to Jesus for giving me these goofy, silly, loud boys to call my own.

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