Monday, November 17, 2014

Parker is eight months old!

It's not possible.

Our sweet little guy turned eight months old yesterday! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying past now. I feel like I am on fast forward through the days.

Parker is just the sweetest little man! He's loud, silly and super smiley. He loves his big brother, loves his mom and dad and does NOT tolerate being left somewhere outside of the vicinity of any of those three people. ;) He loves, loves, loves to be held and I'm pretty sure he would happily spend his entire day being carried around by me.

He's up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth a lot (and even sometimes hops his knees forward), but he still hasn't figured out how to get those hands to move without face-planting. so, we've spent a lot of time face-planting lately. So thankful we put carpet in this house!! He's been trying so hard he's gotten rug burn on his cheeks, but we much prefer rug burn to bonked heads on tile floors. :(

He's eating like a champ. We tried green beans this last week and he liked them but his tummy did NOT and it took a few days for it to settle back down. He has a much more sensitive stomach than Nathan ever did - I feel like if I even look at a tomato, he immediately is up with a gassy stomach all night long.

He's sleeping, for the most part, much better than he has been in the past and I think that is totally due to the essential oils I've been using! He usually starts nursing about 7:30 right after we get Nathan in bed and is in bed asleep by 8. He's usually back away by 7 or so and then takes his first nap at 9 and his second nap around 12:30 or 1.

He loves to dance, loves to play, loves his pacifier, loves to roll over and pull the DVDs out and mess with the clock and open and close the fireplace and loves to smile. He is seriously the smiliest little guy!!

Some 6-9 month clothes still fit him, but they are getting quite tight! We just pulled out all the 9-12 month clothes of Nathan's and it's killing me that he's already that big.

Time is just flying past and I feel like if I could just find an extra few minutes every day to stop and just fully enjoy these fleeting moments...oh, I would give so much for that. As it is, I try my best to enjoy as much as I can!!

We love our sweet Parker Bear!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Now available for pre-order! :)

Guess what is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle?? :)

Match Made, the fourth in the Lauren Holbrook series, officially releases on December 20th! I can't wait for you guys to catch up with the old gang and meet some new friends. :)


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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A little bit of everything

These two. :)

So, note to self, it is basically impossible to get a picture of two VERY active boys under the age of five both smiling and looking at the camera at the same time.

Just you know, in case I was ever wondering why most (read 99.8%) of my pictures look like this:



Here's what we have been up to:

As I have mentioned on here before, Jon has been going to school to get his masters degree for the past two and a half years and as of a couple of weeks ago, he turned in his final project. He has one more two hour class to attend next week and then he is DONE.

I could not be more proud of that man. He has worked so hard through some of the longest, most sleep-deprived years of our lives and we are so thankful for him! The boys are totally, completely, one million percent loving having their daddy free on the nights and weekends now (as am I!!!!). We all are so happy in this no-more-homework stage we are in!

This is my little buddy most BSF mornings. Nathan goes to his class, I go to my class, Parker goes to his class and then I pick him up on my way back into the big group lesson to nurse him and he usually falls asleep and I take notes on the app in my phone. ;) I am soaking in these moments with everything I have because I just can't believe how fast time is passing!

He is everywhere and he is great at making huge messes and he talks a lot and laughs a lot and I just love him.

These two are just the sweetest friends. We love this family!

One year ago yesterday, we found out that the fourth person joining our family was going to be our sweet baby BOY. And I cannot imagine anyone else filling this role in our family!! He is the sweetest little brother with the cutest chubby-cheeked baby smile. This little Parker Bear is dearly, dearly loved. :)

And finally, I absolutely LOVED doing our book club!! I have a couple of ideas for November's book - but do you guys have any suggestions of books you would like to all read together?? Also, today is the last day to enter the contest for the sequel to Let Them Eat Cake, so hurry over to the post and leave your thoughts on the book! :)

Have a great Thursday!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014 :)

We had a great Halloween with these two littles!! Nathan FINALLY (after much waffling and debating for months) decided he wanted to be a knight in shining armor and so the hunt was on for a cute dragon costume for Parker. I found it about two o'clock Halloween afternoon. ;)

And I have to share our big project the day before: Nathan's first pumpkin carving! He drew what he wanted carved on the pumpkin and we cut it out for him. ;) I think he did a great job!! I mean, not every little kid can draw Mickey Mouse like that. ;) ;)

I'm busy working, working, working on making my deadline so I will write more soon!! What did you all do for Halloween??

Have a wonderful afternoon!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our first Book Club - Let Them Eat Cake!

Yay!! Our very first Book Club!

 Today I'm going to be live commenting on here this afternoon, so if you have something to discuss about the book, please leave a comment and we can all reply back and forth! :)

I LOVE this book - what did you guys think?? I love how much Lexi develops as a character through this novel. What was your favorite aspect of the book?

We also have a VERY special treat today! Sandra Byrd answered a few questions I had for her about the novel AND she's been so very generous and is going to give one of you a free copy of the sequel to Let Them Eat Cake!

Erynn: What was your inspiration for Let Them Eat Cake?

Sandra: I had quite a few inspirations! First, I had written a couple of series for tweens and teens; they had grown up and said, hey! Guess what? We still have problems and they are new ones, but there aren't many books (at that time) geared toward twenty-somethings.  Would you write some? I combined that with my love of food, Seattle, France, and the typical family and career issues we all face when launching into adult life and, voila! The French Twist series was born.

Erynn: Do you enjoy baking/cooking? 

Sandra: Love it.   I have worked in food service of some sort since I was a teenager - first for a catering company, then at a high end bakery.  In college I worked at an Italian foodstuffs store.  I am an experienced home baker (which means I have lots of failures notched on my belt) and still cook portions so large I have to deliver them to neighbors or my adult children.  Thankfully, they don't seem to mind.

Two places you might want to visit are my Pinterest Board with pictures of recipes from the series, and, in which I have  Lexi posting a few recipes as herself.  Here are links!

Erynn: Wow, thank you!! So, have you ever been to France?

Yes, twice.  I stayed for a summer, as a home-stay, when I was a teenager, living with a French family.  And then I returned when I was researching this book.  I had wanted to go with my husband, but those plans did not work out.  In God's wonderful way, He used my insights traveling alone to show me just how Lexi felt.

Erynn: I love how God does stuff like that! And I love the friends that Lexi has in the book - what was the inspiration for their characters?

Sandra: I have had such good friends in my life, and I draw heavily from my own experiences and those of my girlfriends.  I like to draw characters as three-dimensionally as possible; we're all a mix of good, bad, and in process.  I hope that comes through.
Erynn: It definitely does. Thank you so much, Sandra!!

Please be sure to go to Sandra's website and sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the fun things she has going on! :)  
Here's the official Rafflecopter to enter to win the sequel!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let's get some dicussion going!! What did you think about the book? What were your favorite parts/characters? What do you think the takeaway value was??
Yay! :)
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