Saturday, January 16, 2016

Getting back to a new normal

I took this on January 11th, Eisley's due date and the day before she turned three weeks old. :) Little love has totally changed our lives in those three weeks!

This little man has had a rough couple of weeks. On the day before Nonnie and Papa O left, he started running a fever and ran one for the next two days. I took him into the doctor on Wednesday and found out he had Hand Foot Mouth disease. How he got this when we've been so careful to avoid places with lots of children is beyond me, but he was very miserable for a few days there. :(

Keva Juice was about the only thing that made him smile. Poor little man. I prayed and prayed that Eisley and Nathan would stay well!! Jesus was so kind to keep them well!!

I went to change Eisley's diaper and saw something was missing... ;) Nathan had been waiting so anxiously and checking multiple times a day to see if she still had her cord, so as soon as she lost it, I had to call him in right away. He was so excited. Ha!

Little cordless girl! She's getting so big so quickly!!

I was holding her one night and looked down and just had this huge deja vu moment, so I took a picture and then went back through my pictures of Parker as a baby. On the left is Parker, on the right is Eisley - they look SO similar!! Eisley is a lot smaller than Parker, which is hard to see in pictures, but otherwise, they looked like the same kid. She changes a little each day, so I'm so curious to see what she's going to end up looking like!

Parker was thankfully well enough to go to a very special acrobat show a few days later! We went with Gammy and Pops and had such a great time!

Before the show started. :) Nathan LOVED it. Parker again had his hands over his ears the whole time. ;) We went out to Olive Garden afterward and the kids pretty much ate the table. Ha! We had the best time!

I walked in late that afternoon and found them sitting like this watching Veggie Tales. So cute. They bicker and fight like cats sometimes but they absolutely adore each other and I just love seeing that!

Little Eisley girl is usually asleep most of the morning and early afternoon and then about 4PM, she wakes up and is super alert and awake for most of the evening. So funny how she's kept her same routine from in the womb! I would never feel her until the afternoon and then she would kick like crazy until I went to bed. :) I kiss those cheeks so much I'm amazed they are still there. ;)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A fun visit :)

Nonnie and Papa O came to meet sweet Eisley girl and we kept it quiet from the boys that they were coming. ;) The boys were super surprised and excited to see them!

Love this of Nonnie meeting Eisley for the first time!!

Some Parker Bear love. :)

We had our sweet friend Sarah come take newborn pictures of Eisley. She definitely peed all over my wedding dress, but we got some beautiful pictures out of it! #worthit ;)

Since we were all dressed up for the pictures, Nonnie and Papa O decided to treat us all to a super nice dinner and we went to a hibachi grill for the first time with the kids.

Ha!! Nathan was in total awe!

Parker spent 90% of the dinner cooking time like this. ;)

 Me and my Jon. :)

Jon got this picture and it just made me start laughing. Look at the boys! Ha!!

Dying. I am dying. Ha!!

Such a wonderful trip with Nonnie and Papa O! And such a fun first experience with the boys! As we left, Nathan declared that he knew where he was coming for his birthday dinner. ;)

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sweet days at home

Since Eisley was born early, Jon got to be home for three weeks before he had to go back to work! We were SO so so thankful (especially since this recovery was a little more difficult). On one of the days, though, he got to close on his first house as a realtor, so our dear friends, the Beechem girls, came over to play and help out - such a blessing!! Love these friends all in their jammies!

Little dimples on a precious little girl!

We have been so so blessed by so many wonderful people who have brought dinner, stocked our freezer, helped out with the boys and done so much sweet things for us! I'm just overwhelmed by the amount of love that has been poured on us. We are so blessed!

Guys. I sincerely hope this girl isn't claustrophobic because there is really a minute that goes by that she doesn't have at least one, if not two, kids right in her face. ;)

Cleaning out the tubs in the garage is really just a good excuse to pretend to be race car drivers. ;) These two just make me laugh.

Nighttime baby snuggles. Love my sweet girl.

We got an infant insert for her car seat and I think she likes it a little better! She still hates her car seat but it's a little more comfy than it was. ;)

Nathan was so proud that he got to hold Eisley how Jon holds her. ;) He laid like that for a long time, just snuggling and talking to her. So, so sweet.

I can barely stand the way he's looking at her - so, so sweet!!

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello 2016!

SO much to catch up on here!! I'm going to be back-dating a few posts just to keep everything in order. ;)

Just before New Years, we had a HUGE snowstorm that dumped the best packing snow ever in our yard. Nathan was so excited!! Parker was a little more okay with the snow, but it's still not his favorite. ;) They built a snowman, named him Frosty and checked on him every single day of his two-plus week existence in our backyard until the day Parker came in and told me "Fwosty died." Ha!

This is what I did while they played in the snow. I think I got the better deal. ;)

Baby sister is one week old! Fastest, busiest, craziest week of my whole life.

Snuggles with Daddy on his time off. Love this.

Milk coma faces are always the very best!!

 This kid adores his little sister with every fiber of his being.

Just for the fun of it, I did a little app that lists the "Best Nine of 2015", or the most liked instagram posts I did for the entire year of 2015. I think it's safe to say that pink kind of took over a little bit. ;)

We spent New Years Eve at home in our jammies - first one we haven't been with family in as long as I can remember! But it was so nice to just be home after the insanity that was our Christmas week! We watched a Netflix countdown for the boys and then sent them off to bed.

Happy New Years, baby girl.

The boys were completely, 100 percent into the parade the next morning. I think Parker watched every second of it! And every time it went to a commercial, he started panicking and trying to find the "mote" so we could change it back to the parade. Ha! They had to reenact the parade right away and thought every single band looked like a bunch of Nutcrackers. ;) At one point, there was a Disneyland float and you would have thought they were looking at a picture of heaven by how they both stared at the screen. ;)

Wide awake baby girl!! Eisley is such a good sleeper and spends most of her days asleep, but she has stretches of awake time that are just so precious!

Drunk little smiles. Love how she squishes up into her pre-birth positions still!

With all the busyness right after she was born, I know I overdid it several times. The week after she was born, I was in so much pain again, I couldn't get out of bed by myself. I came out of the room and found this note from Nathan on the counter. It says, "Mom, I am sorry". I just burst into tears. Such a sweet heart, my biggest boy has.

This little love is worth every second of pain, though!! Precious girl!

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas 2015

Our Christmas was a little different than we expected. ;)

We woke up on Christmas morning after spending our first night at home with little miss Eisley. :) She did great! The boys came running in to see her (Nathan was up SUPER early to come check her out) and I was completely flashing back to this moment only 21 months ago...

Time goes by too fast!!

We stayed in our jammies and drove over to Gammy and Pops' house. Santa brought the boys new bikes and they were ecstatic.

Parker didn't get off his most of the morning. ;)

Waiting not so patiently to open presents after our breakfast feast! :)

Uncle Bryant and baby Eisley. Love this. :)

It's present time!! We were all spoiled with so many wonderful things!

Baby Gabriel. :)

Parker had totally warmed up to Eisley by this point and asked to hold her approximately 1,865 times that day. :)

Girl time. :)

By this point, both Jon and Eisley were exhausted. ;)

Love this!! There were seriously babies EVERYWHERE. Caleb and Nicole's little Hudson is four weeks older than Eisley and Gabriel is only 5 months old. It was so fun!!

Merry Christmas - I love my little family. :)

The whole lot of us!! I adore this picture!! We kind of exploded with kids this year - such a huge blessing!!

The obligatory cousin picture - poor sweet Gabriel could barely breathe in the middle and Parker kept yelling "CHEESE STICK!!" while we were trying to take the picture. Ha!

My babies. My heart.

Things were such a zoo at my parents' house and I was so tired from the c-section, that I didn't get nearly the pictures I was hoping to get!! :(

The next morning, we woke up and did our little Christmas just the five (!!!) of us at home. :) Two little boys in their new Christmas jammies were ready to go! (When I bought these at the beginning of December, I almost bought a pair of newborn matching girl ones but decided that she was definitely not going to be here for Christmas...should have gone with the first instinct!)

Sweet boy. :) He loved the Star Wars wrapping paper too.

My Parker Bear. :)

We headed back over to Gammy and Pops' house often while Caleb and Nicole were here and this little girl was such a trooper!! Her first week of life was just straight insanity, but she did fantastic through it all. :) It's been wonderful having this week to settle in and start figuring out how we are going to do this three kid thing. ;)

So thankful again for your prayers!! We cherish them! And we continue to pray for you!!

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