Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our first Book Club - Let Them Eat Cake!

Yay!! Our very first Book Club!

 Today I'm going to be live commenting on here this afternoon, so if you have something to discuss about the book, please leave a comment and we can all reply back and forth! :)

I LOVE this book - what did you guys think?? I love how much Lexi develops as a character through this novel. What was your favorite aspect of the book?

We also have a VERY special treat today! Sandra Byrd answered a few questions I had for her about the novel AND she's been so very generous and is going to give one of you a free copy of the sequel to Let Them Eat Cake!

Erynn: What was your inspiration for Let Them Eat Cake?

Sandra: I had quite a few inspirations! First, I had written a couple of series for tweens and teens; they had grown up and said, hey! Guess what? We still have problems and they are new ones, but there aren't many books (at that time) geared toward twenty-somethings.  Would you write some? I combined that with my love of food, Seattle, France, and the typical family and career issues we all face when launching into adult life and, voila! The French Twist series was born.

Erynn: Do you enjoy baking/cooking? 

Sandra: Love it.   I have worked in food service of some sort since I was a teenager - first for a catering company, then at a high end bakery.  In college I worked at an Italian foodstuffs store.  I am an experienced home baker (which means I have lots of failures notched on my belt) and still cook portions so large I have to deliver them to neighbors or my adult children.  Thankfully, they don't seem to mind.

Two places you might want to visit are my Pinterest Board with pictures of recipes from the series, and, in which I have  Lexi posting a few recipes as herself.  Here are links!

Erynn: Wow, thank you!! So, have you ever been to France?

Yes, twice.  I stayed for a summer, as a home-stay, when I was a teenager, living with a French family.  And then I returned when I was researching this book.  I had wanted to go with my husband, but those plans did not work out.  In God's wonderful way, He used my insights traveling alone to show me just how Lexi felt.

Erynn: I love how God does stuff like that! And I love the friends that Lexi has in the book - what was the inspiration for their characters?

Sandra: I have had such good friends in my life, and I draw heavily from my own experiences and those of my girlfriends.  I like to draw characters as three-dimensionally as possible; we're all a mix of good, bad, and in process.  I hope that comes through.
Erynn: It definitely does. Thank you so much, Sandra!!

Please be sure to go to Sandra's website and sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the fun things she has going on! :)  
Here's the official Rafflecopter to enter to win the sequel!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let's get some dicussion going!! What did you think about the book? What were your favorite parts/characters? What do you think the takeaway value was??
Yay! :)
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The one with all the stuff

Oh goodness. We have not stopped recently. A little of what we have been up to:

Soccer!! Nathan played his last game for the semester last Saturday and did FANTASTIC. So proud of that boy. He definitely bloomed athletically over the last couple of months!

We had a little swimming and dinner thing at my parents' house and the three big kids got in their jammies afterward, sat on a mat and watched Disney Channel. Very surreal moment realizing how old they are...

A little Sunday afternoon family football watching time. :)

This kid just makes me laugh.

One of the reasons I haven't written as much on here lately is because every spare second I get, I'm working like crazy on my deadline. Jon has been AMAZING and sent me to go write several times over the last few weeks when he's gotten off work. Love that man. Love my job!

We had a coupon and I couldn't pass up this Jack-O-Lantern pizza. Hilarious. Nathan did not see that it was a pumpkin at all. He kept saying, "Well, they messed the crust up." Ha!

Seriously. He loves to hang things out of his mouth. Pacifier clips, spit up rags, toys, you name it. We just laugh all day long.

One of the very few quizzes I've taken during nursing breaks that actually got it right! I mean write. I mean... ;)

I heart this boy. :)

Don't forget!!  Our book club is going to be THIS THURSDAY!! Can't wait to discuss Sandra's book with you all!! :)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A few fun things!

Hi friends!!

A few things on this lovely Wednesday morning... 

* First up, remember that we moved our book club meeting to Thursday October 30th so we could take advantage of Let Them Eat Cake being free on Kindle this coming week!! :)

* In order to not clog this blog with my new love of essential oils (I ran out of lavender and Parker stopped sleeping - got more in, rubbed it on his feet last night and the child slept 12 hours again... I love this stuff!), I'm going to only be talking about it on my new essential oil blog. I'd love to have you stop by as I learn more about them!!

* For my writerly friends, I discussed a few pointers about plots on Monday over at Scribble Chicks - I would love to hear YOUR tips!!

* Christmas is coming up!! I'm going to be running some sales on my autographed novels, so stay tuned!!

* And last but definitely not least, today is my beautiful mama's birthday. So blessed to have her both as my mother and my friend. She is a great role model of what being a Godly mother looks like and I'm so thankful for her! I'm off to go celebrate with her. Love you Mom!

Have a fantastic day!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We absolutely LOVE our little pumpkin patch here in town!! We've been coming here every year since Nathan was three months old - it's one of my favorite fall traditions. :)

My sweet family!! Last year, Parker was just a little bump at the patch. It was hard to not get teary over my precious family of four this year. :)

Gammy and Pops came with us - we just love them. :)

Nathan is in a weird smile phase so of the 315 (not even exaggerating) pictures I took at the pumpkin patch, only a few actually had decent smiles in them. Ha! Oh that boy... Love these brothers.

My big boy!!

My sweet baby love.

He has smiles for DAYS. And those blue eyes just kill me.

Goofy boys. ;)

Love these shots!! He's such a little man now. And his little scrunchy look is one of my absolute favorites - he does that to us all day long.

Fun at the patch!! They added miniature golf this year and Nathan loved it. And Parker thought he was big stuff on the tractor.

I just love these silly heads. ;)

Quick update about the book club!! I talked with Sandra Byrd, the author of Let Them Eat Cake today and the novel is actually going to be FREE on Amazon Kindle this coming Monday through Friday. SO - we will actually be moving our book club day to Thursday October 30th so that more of you who may not have been able to buy the book can now participate as well!! Mark your calendars! I'm so excited to do this!!

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Monday, October 20, 2014


For the last weekend of the Balloon Fiesta, Jon's parents and grandparents came to visit and we had the best time!!

They spoiled us completely completely rotten. We ate out, we went shopping, the boys had constant people to hold them and play with them and Nathan pretty much was in absolute heaven with the amount of people he had to entertain. ;)

It was SO much fun. :) :)

We were all very sad and teary when they left on Monday. Already counting down the days until we see them again!!

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